Friday, October 21

Food: Big Moe's Diner Click for more info

I could save myself a lot of words by just pointing you to my Tinseltown review, but it's true: Bog Moe's is just a clone of the previously unique pace annoying young Muslims go to eat.

So it's the same adequate food, the same adequate service and the same value for money (that is, none). But hey, options are always good things and I can't knock a place for being unoriginal. On balance I might even say I preferred it here.

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  1. Amran10:39

    I found them to be very different although i agree they do have similar menus. The food, service and atmosphere is a great deal better at big Moes. The food seemed more fresh and less processed, the service polite and the atmosphere more family orientated and an original diner feel. It's like eating. To compare the two is like eating peri peri chicken at a chicken shop and dining out at Nandos ;)