Wednesday, August 31

New Music

And so the music begins.

Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

Well I may as well start with the trashiest stuff first. A song that's as colourful and bubbly as the chick who sings it.

Don't Speak - No Doubt

There was actually a time when I wasn't interested in music. This track marked the beginning of a transition to a place where I can't imagine not having it. And oh my: 1995!

Achha Lagta Hai - Aarakshan OST

Sultry and playful, I love this track. And no, not just because it has Deepika in the video.

Saathiyaa - Singham OST

More identikit ballad goodness. I think I prefer this to the other big track on the OST.

Maula Maula - Singham OST

Oh look, and the inevitable qawwli inspired track as a bonus!

Teri Meri - Bodyguard OST

I hate Salman Khan, and every time I have to listen to any song remotely related to him or his films, I hate myself a little too. Tune though.

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