Sunday, August 14

Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) Click for more info

And finally I get to play the sequel to one of my most favourite PS3 games, Uncharted. I said in the review back then that this is how games should be made, and Uncharted 2 not only doesn't disappoint, but goes even further than the first game.

It's all just so slick and entertaining that it's hard to fault. We still have the simple controls and gameplay, but now with bigger explosions. It's great.

If there is a little niggle it's the final task, but since it'd spoil the game for me to go any further I'll just brush that under the carpet.

So yes, as recommended as the first game - and if you haven't played either now is the time to do so, mainly in anticipation of the third part in the series that will be out soon.