Wednesday, June 16

Game: Super Street Fighter IV (360) Click for more info

You know, it's not often that buying into a game makes me feel dirty. Being an almost professional cynic, I tend to ignore spin offs and cash ins, choosing instead to spend my time and money on other games and things.

But I do have one weakness, and that's Street Fighter. It's the game I've spent the most number of hours with, the game that I was the best at, and as such I need to be involved with any version that will ever get released, ever.

Which is why, almost a year after I received the awesome SFIV, I am here with the Super variant - and as much as Capcom would love to deny it, this is nothing more than a bonus disc. Still, at least it was cheap, and at least I sold my SFIV.

But what of the game? Well it's the same thing with bells. The new characters do indeed add masses of value to the game, Juri especially being fun to both play as and against, while the doubling of Ultras and rebalancing per character add a freshness to the existing characters. There are extra modes stashed away in the online play mode, but as someone who thinks these kind of games should be played with people in the same room, I find these to be quite irrelevant (and frustrating - surely it would have been easy enough to implement these party features offline?).

But overall it is just Street Fighter IV again, although I have no regrets buying this if only to have what is clearly a more well rounded and complete game. A definite buy for those who don't have SFIV, but slightly less so for those who do. Just wait until it hits fifteen quid or something.

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