Saturday, June 5

Food: Guanabana Click for more info

Halal Caribbean and Latin food? Of course! The fact that we happened to be in the area at the time made picking this for dinner a no-brainier; and it turned out to be quite a good pick too.

Curried goat, fajitas, messy burgers and jerk chicken were all on the menu and between the six of us we managed to try quite a few dishes. The starters were slightly disappointing both in terms of size and taste, but the mains made up for that.

Service was a bit slow and sub-par - we had to get our glasses changed twice due to lipstick and various other stains. On the other hand a prayer mat was duly provided once I asked for space in which to pray. All restaurants get points for doing that.

At 14 quid a head (and we stuck to water) I would say Guanabana lacks the value for money I've seen elsewhere, but for the novelty or for those who want something different this place certainly hits the spot.


  1. Halal Caribbean not uncommon at some of the fried / jerk chicken shacks in Manchester. Mmmmmmm... jerk chicken with rice and peas with curry goat sauce and fried plantains. I still haven't found decent jerk chicken in London!

  2. I love this place. Best burgers in London.

    Their jerk chicken and curried goat is nice too, but leaves you bursting at the seams.