Saturday, November 4

Not So Surprising Birthdays

A friend an I were thrown a bit of a surprise birthday tonight. I say "a bit", because I can't quite claim that it was totally unexpected for me. Not that it wasn't totally appreciated and humbling of course, but unlike my friend I wasn't caught off guard. I think with this particular group it's a good thing to always expect to be stitched up in some way. Still, it was both sweet and flattering; and I even got a cake with my name on it and everything.

The whole episode and how I handled it says a lot though. Amongst other things, I have concluded that I'm:

  • Smart, since I had figured out something might have been up.
  • Psychic, but in a practical sense since I didn't have much to go on. A bit like how I can guess the ending of film.
  • Presumptuous, since I was expecting it.
  • Arrogant, since part of coming to this conclusion was thinking that I was special enough to warrant it.
  • Paranoid, since everyone is plotting behind my back and out to get me.
  • Self-involved, since even though it was a gathering for me, I needed the evening to be even more about me. And that doesn't even consider my writing this kind of blog.
  • Self-conscious, since I needed people to know that I knew.
  • Insensitive, since the most polite thing would be to allow myself to be surprised.
See? This is why I don't like birthday parties thrown for me. It totally messes me up, man.