Wednesday, November 8

Food: Tinseltown Click for more info

A place that I had previously sworn never to go to, Tinseltown wasn't actually all that bad.

My main fear was that it would turn out as sleazy as people had made it out to have been. And, to be honest, it kinda was; the average age appeared to hover around the 20 year old mark, and it was quite obviously the place students go to to hang around in their mixed groups, undercover, while listening to the MTV Base playing in the background.

But it was clean and the food was pretty good too - I struggled to pick my Chicken Burger with Bacon (which was actually beef; everything in Tinseltown is halal) from the wide selection of food available, and settled for a banana milkshake for drinking. All in all it came to around a tenner which, in retrospect, seems a bit steep, but is the price to pay for something that is pretty unique for being both halal and accessible.

Thinking about it now, it's the kind of place I would have enjoyed going to when I was younger. No, not 'cos of that (like anything has changed in that respect since), but more for the need to reconcile being relatively social with being relatively religious. But that's something I (and others in the same situation) dealt with before the likes of Tinseltown existed, so it's interesting to see what role places like these will serve today.