Wednesday, May 24

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Oh F&F, how ridiculous you are. Not only does your name shrink as time goes on (I expect the next film to just be referred to by a grunting sound), but you really did yourself a disservice by going into space the last time around. How can any subsequent film top that? Well the answer is of course with time travel - but don't worry, there's no Deloreans in this film.

The truth is though that it doesn't need to top anything. Even if you did consider 9 the peak of incredulity, knowing that doesn't harm FX - in fact it allows it actually allows it to focus on being its own film. And it was actually pretty good.

Yes, you have to suspend your disbelief a little and yes, a lot of it is just convienient excuses to run the next set peice... But that's F&F's raison d'etre so if you're going to complain about that then it's your fault for being here in the first place.

Ultimately FX is the beginning of the end of the F&F franchise and seems to know it enough to go out willingly. If that means having to pull the dial back slightly then I'm here for it. Recommended.

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  1. can't believe this blog lives on after 20 years!