Saturday, October 22

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I'm not a Buffy fan. Despite ranking it as one of my favourite shows, skipping countless parties and social events during university to get home in time on a Thursday night, and being able to reel off quotes and plotlines on tap... I'm not a Buffy fan.

In many ways this could be seen as deflating. But no, I still had fun this balmy Saturday night at the Mockingbird cinema in Birmingham where a bunch of real Buffy fans congregated to celebrate 25 years of the TV show. Jeez, we're old. Still given the week I've had, I think my nerd credentials are still pretty good.

These real fans dressed up (although I was quite proud of my Sunnydale High t-shirt), knew all the words to the songs - and choreography - from "Once More With Feeling" and got more than a single question right during the Buffy trivia quiz. No, I'm no fan.

It was wonderful being with real fans though - real fandom being entertaining to watch, especially when you can partly relate to the source of that fanatical love. It was fun to see the karaoke, the drunken dancing, the pre-empting of script during the three episodes screened on the big screen. Tonight I realised how much Spike was loved and Dawn hated, and exactly how queer Buffy fans can be.

It was a great night, full of nostalgia and another reminder of how quickly time has passed. For me Buffy still holds up, and I left tempted to rewatch the show again - and who knows maybe this time I can actually become a real Buffy fan.

The episodes screened tonight were:

S3E16 - Doppelgängland
S6E07 - Once More, With Feeling 
S6E8 - Tabula Rasa

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