Wednesday, May 18

Book: Mind MGMT, Matt Kindt Click for more info

My second try at the comic book thing was off the back of the Mind MGMT board game, said to have lots of in-jokes and references to the source material. The promise was to have a clever, fourth wall breaking self referential story and as excited as I was to begin the series... I couldn't help but feel disappointed by the end of it.

Mind MGMT is just another superhero story. It has good guys and bad buys, magic and powers, ups and downs. Sometimes it manages to be more, but not often enough.

I suspect my reading of the story has suffered slightly from having access to it all on demand - I can imagine enjoying the story month on month would have added its own sense of pacing that would help with the storytelling.

The art was nice in its rough and watercolour style that suited the subject matter, and the dialogue and characters were decent, if a bit confusing at times. My suspicion is that the story fell foul of what is clearly my distaste for the comic book medium, but ultimately I didn't consider this of the genius promised.

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