Tuesday, December 21

Film: Spider-Man: No Way Home Click for more info

In what seems to be a continuation of "Shak versus The World" when it comes to MCU movies, I seem to be the only person in the world who found the latest Spider-Man jaunt to be a bit... flat. It's not clear if it was a case of high expectations or just astute viewing, but despite lots of obvious reasons why I should have loved this film... I just didn't.

But let's try to remain objective. Clearly the film is a gimmick movie - it doesn't really do much to expand the MCU for instance. The action is largely poor too, with the fights either being too noisy or otherwise muddled. And finally - and I challenge anyone to argue the opposite - the Tom Holland MCU Spider-Man really must be the most annoying variation that we've seen.

On the other hand, I can't help but be excited when reading about the movie, now that I've watched it, so it's clearly stayed with me. It could be that a second watch brings the excitement that I wanted to have, or perhaps a chance to just review some of the better scenes.

But to say it's one of the best MCU films is giving it too much credit - heck I wouldn't even call it the best MCU film since Infinity War as I enjoyed the previous two more. But as an essential chapter of the series it does the job and I suppose in that sense it's pretty unmissable.

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