Wednesday, July 28

Book: The Bands of Mourning, Brandon Sanderson Click for more info

If I ever had reservations about Era 2 of the Mistborn series, they all came to a head with the third book. Less "middling" than the last, a lot happens in a very short amount of time - it felt like a screenplay or that I was watching a movie a lot of the time.

But my biggest issue (and to be clear, I don't quite mean "issue" in a problematic way) was with the plot and how it developed. It's clear by now that Mistborn will not maintain its independence in the Cosmere, and so rapid opening up of the universe is probably to be expected... but nevertheless it was a little jarring just how quickly things got crazy.

That said after reading the shorter novels in the Cosmere I'm ready to return to the deeper volumes of Stormlight - although I think I have a few short stories to mop up first.

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