Tuesday, October 1

Lisbon, Day One: Old Town

For those keeping track, yes, it has been less than a week since my return from Peru. In my defence this stint in Portugal's capital promises to be different for many reasons - it's with extended family for one, and between the length and geography it should in theory just be much easier than the more epic trips I've taken recently. That's the hope anyway.

Such is my attitude to the trip that I haven't actually done any planning, and will try to simply follow the nose of the group as much as possible. Take today, for instance: after an insanely early flight here, and a bit of rest, we did a bit of random wandering and finally caught a tuk tuk tour of the Old Town, which was actually a bit of a decent win considering how the six of us made it good value. We managed to see all the main points this afternoon, enough to allow us to do other things with our remaining days.

After a second rest in our apartment, we headed out to buy some supplies and visit the two mosques in the Old Town - which were both amusingly and depressingly separated by no more than 50 metres.

Dinner was a quick affair at home, after which we went out for a local walk to the Rua Augusta Arch.

So yes, very ad hoc yet pretty productive, as we look to head out of Lisbon proper tomorrow.

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