Tuesday, December 12

The Garden Route, Day Seven: Ending the Route

What was initially only expected to be an airport run turned out to be one of the more fun days on our Garden Route tour - mainly because of how ad-hoc the itinerary turned out. Our first stop was at Nature's Valley, a intimate little resort tucked away west of Plett. It was the kind of place you'd expect a family drama to be set.

Other stops before we flew off included that to watch the bungee fun on Bloukrans River Bridge as well as a pretty thrilling (yet free!) walk across the Storms River Bridge.

Lunch was at St Francis Cape, another idyllic spot in this part of town - it's almost as if the locals knew those on the tourist trail would skip the bits at the tail end.

But that really was the final stop on our Garden Route tour. Now that it's over I have to say that as wonderful as some of the things were on the 3000 km or so that we drove, as an experience the Route wasn't as impacting as I expected (or maybe that should be wasn't as impacting as it was sold). It seems like a very situational place; one that requires a certain age or company, and as a local first get away I can see some appeal.

But as an travel experience? It just didn't do it for me.

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