Wednesday, June 28

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The DC Extended Universe has had its critics in the past, so much so that Wonder Woman has been seen as the uptick in the series, the first indication that yes, perhaps the alternative will be able to combat the mighty MCU. I have to kind of disagree though, both with WW being the turning point (I actually quite liked BVS) and that WW is a decent enough film.

It was, at best, okay. Gal Gadot's acting was okay. The special effects were okay (although really the CGI fighting scenes really should have been better). The plot? Okay. The film was very middling, and didn't even take the opportunity to discuss feminism and the like in any great depth.

So yes, I left a little disappointed... but not enough to completely dislike the movie. As I mentioned I've already formed a like of the DCEU and WW hasn't really changed my stance there.

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