Tuesday, February 7

Film: Split Click for more info

Regardless of what I eventually think of a Shyamalan film, there's no doubt that since I feel compelled to watch anything he comes out with, he must be doing something right. Perhaps it's knowing the critical conflict I'll feel while watching ("do I like this or not?") or just how he seems to get popular traction each time that gets me... the point is that how he garners the interest might be the genius here and not the actual film making itself.

Split was an okay movie. McAvoy steals the show, playing the protagonist which the title alludes to, but he's supported by a few decent performances also. The film itself was linear, obvious and at some points labouring, but it punched above its weight despite that. Oh and fine, that ending did get me excited.

So not really a film I hated, yet one I probably won't want to watch again. In other words: a film that's Shyamalan through and through.

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  1. Felt it was decent but too long. A common criticism I have of films these days. If they had took about 20mins out it would have been better. also think it needed to embrace it's ridiculousness a bit more. Was a bit too serious for me.