Friday, March 4

Food: Abu Zaad Click for more info

"I've never had Syrian before!" I thought as I approached Abu Zaad. I don't usually get too excited about food, but I've been lucky enough to have tried a wide range of weird and wonderful cuisines and so the oppurtunity to try something new is always welcome. Heck, I couldn't even imagine what food Abu Zaad could offer.

It turns out that there's a reason for that - anyone who's been to a Lebanese or Persian restaurant would immediately feel at home at Abu Zaad; the place is as identikit as these middle eastern grill type places can be. I had actually felt like I had been tricked.

But the crashing of my dreams aside, Abu Zaad really wasn't all that bad. The staples were solid, the kebabs above average. The decor was half way between a kebab shop and fancy place, and the service was adequate enough but the cost of £15 per head was more than I would have paid elsewhere.

So although our time at Abu Zaad was decent enough there just wasn't anything special enough to have me return there again; it turns out the next time I fancy a Syrian I can go to any one of the hundreds of grills in and around London anyway.

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