Saturday, September 19

Food: The Bermondsey Square Hotel Click for more info

If you haven't already figure it out, one of the main sources of restaurant discovery for a particular group of social eaters I dine with is cost: we regularly avail ourselves of offers, Gourmet Card listings and budget dining. That's not to say we will lower ourselves to dirty chicken; oh no, some of the places we get to visit can only be described as gems.

Take this, the on-site restaurant of the Bermondsey Square Hotel. It's quiet, intimate, offers great service and allowed our arty of 8 or so to enjoy a pretty decent evening of good conversation and food. I stuck to the fish and chips which turned out to be a pretty solid choice, but I did sample some quiche and squid. Desserts were more than adequate too.

The price came to a hearty £12 or so, which was a bargain considering. Still it's a little difficult to recommend going out of your way for; but if you happened to be lost in Bermondsey and needed something to eat I'm sure you could do much worse.

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