Wednesday, December 3

Film: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Click for more info

Maybe I'm just becoming cynical, but these deliberate stretches of books into movies are beginning to grate a bit. I mean there really isn't much happening in Mockingjay Part 1 that could have been edited out in a longer single film but hey, I suppose ticket sales are key now.

Still, the film (and its predecessors) is better than the (half-) book, and I suppose for that I am thankful. Jennifer Lawrence is watchable of sorts and the rest of the case supports her well; it's just a shame it labours more than it really needs to.

Hopefully this would be addressed in the next (and final?) film, so for the sake of continuation and completeness I suppose I will have to recommend this, albeit begrudgingly.

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  1. Watched this on Wednesday. I feel the same. Still its good to see a 'tween franchise' deal with some interesting themes. This and the second film both go to some dark places.

    Last shot of this was wack though. Overwrought and melodramatic. It also suffers franchise syndrome as they're not willing to let any of the main characters die. At least they suffer a bit I guess.