Saturday, October 13

Food: Noodle Oodle Click for more info

Just when I thought I was all Chinese'd out, I get taken to Noodle Oodle, miles away in the heart of Bayswater. This is okay, since after tonight it has become the place to eat Halal Chinese.

Maybe I was just hungry (which I was) but even the most simple of dishes were damn good. From the chicken wings and Aromatic Duck for starters to the Black Bean Beef and Wasabi Prawns for mains everything was top notch. Even the service was decent.

£22 per head including drinks was pricey, but then we did over-order slightly (but had no trouble finishing it all off). Much recommended.


  1. Oooh. Must go. Halal roast duck! You can get the crispy duck halal in Manchester, but not the moist stuff.

  2. nice. will try it out next time im down west.. :)