Monday, May 2

Film: Bollywood Dream Click for more info

It's pretty tough watching let alone reviewing a film in a foreign language without subtitles. That comes with watching a foreign film in a foreign land I suppose, but despite not really understanding the detail I quite enjoyed Bollywood Dream.

Whether that's a testament to the film being well made or just how an audience can get by with half an experience I don't know. But the technical merit of the film was clear to see no matter what language it was in - the acting was passable, with the direction and production equally so.

What I gathered of the story was pretty interesting too - we often just about manage to juxtaposition South India with Europe, so seeing it done with the complete polar opposite of Brazil was quite engaging to see, and made me reassess the "ownership" some of us in the UK feel we have over Bollywood.

Since I'm not totally clued up on the film I can't quite bring myself to recommend it unless you happen to understand Portuguese; in which case you'd be handy to have around if I ever got the chance to see it again.

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