Sunday, January 30

Food: Mercado Click for more info

Now this was more like it. Unlike yesterday, where I felt the place we were eating in wasn't quite able to facilitate a group of twenty or so, tonight Mercado showed how it should be done. Which is strange since on paper it was a much worse place - not as clean, more familiar than formal service and some very strange decoration. Still I guess vibe isn't really something you can define on paper.

So yes, it was a fun place to eat, especially in a big group. But the food wasn't too bad either, even though the majority of us were baffled by the (fully halal) menu - and even after eating most of it we still weren't sure what the difference was between a fajita and a burrito. Luckily I was able to sample a wide variety of items due to my geographical location, and I have to say I have no regrets overeating.

I did think that at £17 a head (after a 15% discount) that the food was slightly overpriced, but I suspect that this was due to some members of the party exploiting a split bill by going a little overboard with the five quid mocktails (once again proving that one drink policies work well in larger groups like these).

But in any case I will recommend the place nonetheless, if only for the bags of fun we were able to have during our time there.

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  1. So how did you find out about a halal mexican place? Don't think I would have ever searched for that combo, but glad someone has found one.