Sunday, December 5

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It always amuses me how these animated films almost always come in pairs. Bug's Life hit with Antz, The Wild was put up against Madagascar and now Megamind turns up mere weeks Despicable Me - because you know, villains-turn-good is such a reoccurring theme in film.

But hey, it's not like a lack of originality has ever caused me to complain about a movie. And in fact, despite the particular plot line, the two films are quite different on other levels; I found Megamind to be much more adult, mature and sophisticated than Despicable, both in terms of humour, story and theme. I didn't laugh out loud as much with this film, but it was just as awesome anyway.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the younger kids in the audience didn't seem to appreciate the lack of visual humour and directly told story though, so it's arguable that the film may not be as quite fit for use as the other options out there, but I don't think it's fair to knock it for that.

Otherwise the standard applies here and Megamind certainly delivers the goods: great animation, excellent voice acting and a package that will charm the pants off anyone over the age of seven or so. Much recommended.

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