Tuesday, November 16

Film: Due Date Click for more info

Following on from the surprise hit (well for me anyway) The Hangover, Due Date is pretty much more of the same bromance-road-movie lark that we saw over a year ago.

The farce this time is made up of the contrasting characters - the uptight and always correct Peter (played by the now legendary Robert Downey Jr.) and the irritating failure personified in the form of Ethan (played by the equally awesome Zach Galifianakis). Make no mistake, everyone else just plays bit-parts in the wake of these two.

Hilarious, crazy and yet all too real, Due Date manages to hit that spot of your funny bone where you're genuinely laughing out loud because you want to rather than because you feel that you have to. It's a refreshing brand of humour that you can't help but enjoy. The fact that it's polished too sets this film apart from that other brand of funny film from the likes of Rogen and all.

Absolutely genius. Recommended.


  1. Anonymous09:43

    You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  2. Dad, you were like a father to me.

  3. Anonymous13:11

    "Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo?"

    I could go on all day. One of my favourite scenes was the one in the restroom, where Peter makes Ethan act out different bits and he starts crying in the end :(